The initiative with Somalia Bandy 2014 should primarily be seen as an integration project. An important aspect is to create new platforms for communication between Swedes and immigrants. The players who will represent Somalia will all be living in Borlänge.

Borlänge is a fairly small community with about 50,000 residents. In recent years, almost 3,000 refugees from Somalia residing in the municipality, and this naturally creates both opportunities and tough challenges for the future.
The situation in Borlänge is in no way unique. It reflects how the situation is in many places and in many locations around the world today.

To achieve with the integration, and to succeed in getting different groups of people regardless of color, gender or religion to live together and develop themelves, we need new platforms for communication. We believe that Somalia Bandy 2014 can be an excellent example.

The practice will be performed in cooperation with Borlänge Bandy. Coach for Somalia is Per Fosshaug, one of the all-time most outstanding bandy players. Per was born and raised in Borlänge.

In cooperation with the Swedish television profiles Filip and Fredrik, production companies Mexico Media and Thelma/Louise and Channel 5, a feature film will be made to depict the project. The film will be shown in 2014.